The C’s

Baseball is my absolute favourite sport to watch and play (and running too). After a Vancouver Canadians packed weekend (4 straight games in a row), I can honestly say that I don’t think I could ever get sick of it. I am probably also going to go to a Mariner’s game soon and I am super excited for that. What’s honestly great about a C’s game is that they really cater to the fans. The music, compared to some mlb games i’ve been to, is much more superior, and the giveaways and fan interactions are amazing. They have great spirit and it is just a load of fun! If you’re in Vancouver you HAVE to catch a game at the Nat Bailey Stadium. If you go to Safeway, it’s only 8.99 for grandstand seats and that is majorly worth it. This saturday is fireworks extravaganza, so if you’re not busy, GO TO IT, it’ll be so worth your while!
Some memorable things :
The Fans (and their jeers, taunts, and cheers)
The yummy fried chicken
The players’ music (Pineda’s song is the bomb: “magic magic magic”)
The game itself
The fireworks! the sushi races, the chubby chicken dance, the 7th inning stretch, root beer days, snuggies…all of it!

ps. the C’s won this series against the Boise Hawks 4-1 =D


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