The Emerald City

I recently went to Seattle with my family and it gave me ample time to take pictures of children (and other things). I learned on a short boat tour that Seattle is called the emerald city in reference to its lush evergreen forests (there were also very interesting people on the cruise, namely people who wear really cool shirts (refer to photos). We went to the Zoo, the space needle, the aquarium, the science fiction museum and the experience music project (museum) (super touristy stuff). Unfortunately, I did not however go to the pacific science centre nor watch a mariner’s game. Both of which I will most definitely have to do when I come back from China. The science centre at Seattle looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure I’ll spend practically a whole day there when I go. On another note, this will be the last post before I head to China, I’m not sure if wordpress is restricted in China but I don’t think it is, I will probably be posting still when I’m there but it may be less frequent. Nevertheless, thanks for following if you do or if you don’t, thanks for visiting anyway, hope you enjoyed your stay =)


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