Red and Gold

Past Sunday, my cousin got married and she asked me to take some pictures for her. Thinking that while itd be a bit different from a western wedding, it should essentially be more or less the same photography wise. False. Even the photographer that was hired was sweating buckets and it was not due to China heat because it was pouring rain that day. I find western weddings to be very organized and slow paced but chinese weddings are chaotic and lively and just everywhere. First the groom’s side had an entourage of 50 people to come pick up the bride. Of course, tradition calls for the bride’s maids to not let them in without a fight. The guys, however, grew up in the village and their wedding traditions are a bit crazier than city people’s. Not only did they take a steel pipe to ram the metal gate they also broke a door in the house and threw popsicles at the bride’s maids. All in good fun though (…). Now imagine a 100 people in a small (SMALL) tight space and everyone yelling and screaming and debating, what’s a photographer to do? Stick up the camera and just flash everything. I think going to western weddings has skewed my perception of wedding photography. To say the least, I was not very proud of my picture taking but hopefully in the future I’ll have more chances to take another crack at it. Here are some that I kind of like (I guess best of the worst), enjoy! (ps. the picture with a girl holding out her hand saying stop (THE LAST PICTURE) is NOT mine, I was horrible at capturing anything when there were so many people and things going on so this one is from someone who is a lot better at it than I (my cousin’s cousin) (thanks!))

pps. note that all my pictures were during times when things were much slower….nonetheless, it was SO MUCH FUN. =)


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