Close to Home

Here are the first six pictures I took in Guangzhou (just around where I live). The first few days, I found, were very easy, it wasn’t that hot, I wasn’t getting eaten alive by bugs, it was really same old, same old. Now, just waking up makes me break a sweat and I get at least 5 bites every day on one leg, its sort of ridiculous. Nonetheless, im having a superb time. Gonna go to Kunming on the 24th to visit my friend Darwin, so im very excited about that. Anyway, photography wise im not having much luck I feel. None of the pictures I’m taking are very aesthetically pleasing to my eyes and I don’t really know why. Maybe I have photographer’s block, if that exists. I am also blaming the dust in guangzhou for my inability to focus properly (…hahaha excuses). Hopefully I’ll get better at this, till then I can only wish that you guys like what you see.


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