Kunming, Yunnan

Finally out of Guangzhou, never thought I’d get to leave! I went to Kunming for 3 days end of September to visit my duper friend Darwin. Jan also tagged along and we went to Dian Chi, Stone Forest, and the Copper Temple (even though its the biggest temple made out of copper in China, it really isnt big at all). Its a cool city, much less hustle and bustle compared to Guangzhou but of course its also smaller. Yunnan is ginormous so I’ll have to go back one day. Took me 25 hours on train to get to Kunming from Guangzhou but it was worth it. The train ride over was sort of fun, really great view, I even got a free meal on the way back =). The hostel I stayed at with Jan was really nice too. I think hostels in China are just better because I’ve never received so much hospitality in a hostel before, but I’m also a budding traveler so I may have zero say in regards to this. So far though, so good. When Angie comes, I can finally use all those hostel ads I got. I’m excited for November to come, October has been a pain, but its almost over. Though I dont really want it to be because that means I’ll have to hand in a paper for school, which I have not started yet. Fart bags.
ps. miley cyrus music should be played in clubs, i would dance to that crap all night long. for serious, no jokes.


2 thoughts on “Kunming, Yunnan

  1. Happy Hunting! There was a beach with a lake that disallows motorboats south of ShiLin! Something like that. We’ll explore Guangzhou/Guangdong too right? =)

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