Gorge, People and Lijiang

I’m finally starting to catch up on posts. After Kunming, I went to Lijiang and under the recommendation of Jan, I hiked the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It was a great experience. I met some wonderful people who were all very helpful and generous, which enhanced my experience even more. Up on the mountain, with the Yangtze River below me, it felt awesome (and I use this word with all its sense of wonder, amazement and fear). It wouldve been so cool to just sit up there for awhile in silence and just be with God, but I was on a time constraint. Another mountain I suppose. I stayed at the Halfway Lodge which was very, very nice (you should stay there if ever you do the hike). Though honestly, you can do the hike in one day if you really wanted to. The next day, I hiked down the mountain with some new found friends, one a local who lives on the mountain, which was very lucky for me because he answered all my questions. I then took an extremely long bus ride back into Lijiang. Which by the way, they are totally tearing that mountain up by blasting a freaking highway for tourism. Sort of unfortunate. Anyway, I walked around Lijiang in the old city and had some nummy food. Its very unique there, but man do you get lost fast. I was probably lost half of the time I was there. This will probably be my last post for awhile as I am going to Thailand on the 12th. But when I get back, more pictures and then Darwin is coming to Guangzhou, so I’m very excited. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I hope your turkey dinner is magnificent. I am thankful for my eyes that allow me to see God’s wondrous creation.


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