The Land of Smiles

So I’m back from Thailand (apparently The Land of Smiles). I guess they do smile a lot, in retrospect. Went on a tour with my aunt, very first tour in my life. Verdict? Hated the tour and its lifestyle. Thailand, however, is promising and I will go back. I don’t really have a lot to say about my trip because honestly I didn’t feel like I went anywhere so all I’m going to say is I had fun when I had free time. During my free time I roamed around streets just so at least, I could feel something of Thailand without the barrier of a tour bus window. Nonetheless, I did see a lot of things and therefore, here are the pictures. Oh! The highlight of my trip was watching 2.5 movies on my flights to and back. Huzzah. Was that unappreciative? Yes. But with time, I will be more thankful that I at least got to go to another country while I know many others do not have that luxury. As for now, enjoy the pictures =)!


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