Well, the first thing other than the heat one notices when they come to Guangzhou (or China) is that there is a lot of people. All the time. The second is probably all the construction that is going on. Guangzhou is always changing, the road keeps getting thicker and thicker that probably by next year, those set of stairs outside will be gone. Right now, the biggest thing is the Asian Games happening November 12-27th. The Guangzhou Tower is the centre of attention for locals right now. Line ups to go up this thing takes 3-4 hours, its quite ridiculous. Nonetheless, the night view is quite beautiful. What I like about Guangzhou is that in the middle of all the modernization, there is equally as many undeveloped nooks and crannies. Just the other day I was walking around a huge shopping district and decided to detour and walk into a smaller street and the difference was crazy. On the big street, it was shops and paved roads and consumerism, on the inside streets, the houses were still exactly like they were way back when. They had no doors, just bars of wood. I really like that. Moreover, it seems the city is moving forward but the people are still the same, there is a reluctance in accepting new things here and you can definitely notice it in new apartment buildings. Built to look like western condos but equipped with the usual metal bars and gates on the window, with clothes hanging everywhere and the ground full of puddles of water, I think its quite a special feeling being in the middle of it all. I don’t know whether Guangzhou is new or old but somehow it works and it gives the city a very unique flavour. Here’re some pictures of people and other typical things seen in Guangzhou and also the infamous GZ Tower. Perhaps I’ll take my camera out today to try to better capture the essense of GZ.


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