Darwin in Guangzhou

Darwin came to Guangzhou a few days ago which was amazing! Lived it up at Chimelong Paradise (Amusement Park) in Panyu, cruised the Pearl River, went up the GZ tower and pretended to be import/exporters at the 2010 Canton Fair in Pazhou. The fair even gave us a new view into the import/export world and perhaps we shall start a business together in the future haha. Watch out world.
At Chimelong, we also saw the circus show. Much more emphasis on stunt work than Cirque (more artsy) and there were so many live animals on stage it was crazy. Basically the entire zoo was there (as Chimelong also has the XiangGong (?) Zoo). At the end they even had a variety of birds fly above the audience it was quite spectacular. Very worth it! We ate at this crazy buffet at the Chimelong hotel and sat next to 4 white tigers (separated by glass of course). The feeders would drop meat from above as they were in a room with no roof, it was really weird. On the other side they had a room full of flamingos. Talk about ornamental. Enjoy the pictures!


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