Tai O

My second day in Hong Kong I went to Lantau Island to do some hiking. I bused to Tai O, a small fishing community on Lantau and ended up hiking up 2 mountains. Abeit small, the first mountain did give a viewing point of Chinese White Dolphins (alas I saw none). The second one however, was a bit more difficult as I listened to Robert Frost and decided on the road less taken. Needless to say, I had some fun times getting down. Tai O is very unique, I loved it very much. The people are just extra friendly and the food is so nom nom. I would definitely go back and this time take the actual trail that wraps around the island. The houses on stilts are super cool and I totally wouldn’t mind living in one. I would show some shots from the top of the mountain but I really dont like them because of the smog, I’ll see maybe it’ll grow on me (….doubt it). But up there, it felt amazing, something that I dont think a photo can ever ever capture.


2 thoughts on “Tai O

  1. so many great shots this post! I’m so glad you are sharing this…I’m so clueless about China and it’s really opening my eyes.
    My faves are the first and last shots. Those yolks look kind of like skittles! ha!

    • Hey Jenna thanks for all the great comments!! My favourite shot is also the last one on this post I love the colours of the house! I think this was my favourite place in Hong Kong too. Glad that I’m sharing China with other people. Miss you lady!!

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