Green Island, Taiwan

After Hong Kong, our first stop was Taiwan. We stayed 1.5 days in Taipei and walked around but our main goal was to go to Green Island (part of Taitung). It was absolutely breathtaking there. While the island itself is quite small and can be seen in less than an hour (if you guard the speed limit that is), there is lots to see. The hot spring was really nice and going in the middle of the night while raining was quite the experience. Although I didn’t get to go up the mountain there, which is unfortunate as I love going up mountains, we did get to go snorkeling (judy and I) and diving (angie). The instructors even said the clarity was not that great but I felt like I was watching life in blu-ray down there. It was so beautiful. If you have a chance, visit Green Island, it will amaze you. Plus on our ferry ride back we got to go behind scenes into the wheel room. So good. Also, there can never be enough pictures of the big ocean.


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