Fisheye Take 1

I’ve had my fisheye for awhile, my friends got it for me when i was in paris so it doesn’t come as a surprise that my camera is SUPER dusty…oops. Anyway, these pictures were taken 1. at the christmas market, 2. outside my house, and 3. during the santa claus parade. I put two pictures of santa because first of all they’re not the same picture, but i just took it twice because i really liked the way santa seems like hes very curiously staring at the sky. One is bluer because I was playing with the settings on my scanner to see what each thing would do and the yellower one is untouched. Either my film is really yellow or maybe it was dusk or it could be a combination of both. Nonetheless, enjoy. Sorry for the lack of update, I haven’t been taking pictures and the horrible scan job, I’m also lazy.


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