I always look back at my posts and think wow what a load of nothing. I think I should be talking about photography but really I have nothing to say about it as I am not at all close to being any sort of technical photographer. I would probably give very bad advice in how to take a good picture. I guess if anything, make sure your image is lined up properly because personally I hate pictures that are crooked, especially when the subject itself has shape. For example, a lake like in the photos below, unless it’s intended there is no excuse for the divide between land and water to be anything but linear. I guess you can say its one of my pet peeves. Anyway, I guess there’s my pseudo lesson. These pictures are also from Harrison, the highway one is on the way back to Vancouver taken from inside the car, the sky was just too nice to go to waste. Currently, I am on a mission to find a tall building with an accessible roof that has a view of north van. Wish me luck…


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