Hey, I just realized this is my first post in the New Year! Happy 2011! I’ve had the most blessed year so I have zero to complain about. One thing is I did start this phlog which was something I never ever thought I would do so I’m very thankful for this and for you guys that come visit me in cyberspace. Anyway, enjoy the post and the others to come in the future. Hot potato dance!

Judy and I went down to the waterfront to see the Olympic torch for the first time since the winter games past February. It was cool with the frozen water in the fountain the torch is mounted onto. What I liked best was the view of the cranes though which really has nothing to do with the Olympics but personally, Gretzky could’ve lit those dinos and I would’ve been just as spirited.


2 thoughts on “Torch

  1. Psst… I still thing the Olympic torch thing is UGLY, no matter the photographer. AND the fact that the thing still has a 3 meter high fence says something about personal opinions versus the effect of money. Vancouver is “safe” ~ ha!

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