Fisheye Take 2 – Guest Appearance

I am going to take up on the wordpress post a day 2011 challenge starting…yesterday. I don’t know how long I will keep it up for, perhaps I should start building an archive of images enough for me to blog a semi-meaningful post everyday, but here’s to hoping for a packed year.

I gave my fisheye camera to my sister when she, Jon and I went on a mission to find an accessible roof with a view of North Van. Sadly, we did not find such a roof, but we did finish the day with the goal of learning how to pick locks. When this certain roof (that we could not get up on) becomes open to us, it will be a world of fun. Anyway, her pictures surprised me, they were very creative and something I would’ve never taken. We were in a parking lot in Chinatown with a decent view of downtown and the mountains and as I sifted through the film, I realized that I’ve been creating the same composition in most of my pictures. It’s really refreshing to see some new eyes so I must be more conscious when taking pictures now because who wants the exact same picture of different things? Here are six of my favourite shots taken by my 10 year old sister, Trisha. Maybe she’ll become a frequent guest on my phlog. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Fisheye Take 2 – Guest Appearance

  1. I really love those photos, in particular the bottom left one. Good luck with the post-a-day challenge. Would it have been cheating to make this 6 different posts??? 😉

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