Yesterday, I said that it snowed but really it was just slush and there is no remnant of it today. Sad. However, these pictures have some frost in it, seems appropriate for the winter season unlike Vancouver right now. I’ve never taken pictures of train tracks before (even though its quite cliche), so I had quite a field day with them. My last post was about lines and I guess this one is too. The pictures I took however don’t exactly utilize lines that well because they all lead viewers off the picture instead of to it. But I guess when the subject itself is the line then it really cant point to anything so here I am going in a circle about nothing. I’ll stop, enjoy.


One thought on “Frost

  1. The leading to nowhere ideaology is usualy considered a negative in photography, however, I believe that it can hold interest. In some of my photographs, i have intentionaly allowed lines to lead away from the focus of the image. I have found that it can give the picture a sense of movement, and the viewer a sense of longing. In past experiences, i have found that sense to draw the viewers in; leaving them wanting more.

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