Challenge #1

I challenged myself a few days ago in spirit of the postaday2011 phenom on wordpress and also because a few posts ago I told myself to be more conscious of my composition. I planted myself in one spot (a park outside my house) and forced myself to takes photos in that spot for a certain period of time (I think it was an hour). Basically, I was not allowed to rotate beyond my line of vision which is depicted in my third photo plus a little bit on both sides (give or take 5 metres). At first I just took a bunch of random pictures of the two tall trees and quickly that got old. I was not thinking outside the box, the pictures were becoming mundane. So I just sat there trying to think of what I could do with the lighting becoming evermore limited and my zoom lens with horrible aperture becoming increasingly useless. Having enough of my lighting problems, I took out my pancake and started playing with the focus (aka 2nd and 1st photo) and the results were interesting. I can’t say I love it but it gave some freshness into the hour. When that got overdone, I switched over to composition. I love having empty space in my pictures so I have to say my favourite shots from this series are photo 4 and 5. Anyway, near the end of the hour, flocks and flocks of birds were flying overhead and they looked like freckles in the sky so I had to snap some of those, not really that appealing but it was a nice site to see live. I’m probably going to do other challenges as the year goes by so look out for those. Enjoy.


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