Guilty Pleasure

I was reading the topics for postaday2011 because I think I really need to improve on my writing for this phlog, anyway, someone suggested the topic of guilty pleasures and I decided to apply that question to my photography. The one thing that I seriously LOVE to take pictures of that most people don’t find much favor in is the reflection of buildings in water. I can see why it can be boring because it doesn’t take much creativity to snap a picture of a reflection but I love the way it looks so voila, my guilty pleasure out in the open (don’t judge haha).

ps. I absolutely need to stop using the phrase “I guess”…so horrible
pps. Sorry about all the old pictures, I’m gonna bring my camera to school tomorrow and mount myself in one spot to do mainly street photography but who knows, I’d probably end up doing something else too. Alright, that’s it.


2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. Thanks for these! Ya, get the camera out, out, out, post, post, post!

    Love seeing things from someone else’s eye!

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