What Not to Shoot

Today, I took my camera to school (it was heavy) to do some shooting after class. To say I was not feeling it would be an understatement. The sky was boring and bland which I could’ve worked with except UBC is the worst school I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to three). The people there lack any sort of life that I just could not handle it, so I left after 20 minutes. Not that the people there are crap, I just think the school environment promotes that type of behaviour so it’s no ones fault but the school (fine, I have a gigantic negative bias towards UBC, I admit). Anyway, I was looking through my pictures and the last one I took is the one below. Okay, before you say anything I know it’s a horrible picture but I couldn’t help it! This photo elicits more emotion (aka laughter) out of me than all the other ones I took. When I look at this picture I think of bullies, as in I am the bully and the guy in the picture is the victim. Not only did I make my subject look like a loner I also made him look like he’s staring at a pole. The picture is so unbalanced that it looks like its going to tip over! Horrendous composition for sure. There are so many things wrong with this picture that I decided to do a “What Not to Shoot” post. Hopefully this example will stop you in your tracks (and mine (who am I kidding, I probably take these pictures all the time)) and make you ponder a bit about what kind of message your image might send out before pressing the shutter release. Laters!


4 thoughts on “What Not to Shoot

  1. Student life as it is! haha saying UBC sucks is an understatement when compared to SFU. OR is it that the British Columbian school life is just plain lame and uninspirational, just waiting at a post office of a standard waiting time of about 4 years to get that letter one so wants?

  2. Hi, Louisa, I actually love this photo, if not for the composition, because it reminds me of my son 🙂 He’s 14 and has Autism, and experiences a lot of bullying at school (one bullying experience – for anyone – is one too many)… He deals with it quite well (considering, I think…), but one of his ways of coping is to do what this fellow appears to be doing… turning away from the “normal focus” and instead focusing on things that offer predictability, and therefore, comfort…
    This is great, thanks for sharing it!

    • Thanks for sharing! Its always such an experience when one person can relate to a piece when it seems no one else can.

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