Student Life

I just erased my post because it was just me ranting about school and how much I dislike it so instead, I’ll just not say anything and let you decide for yourself how school makes me feel through these pictures:

I just watched momento (a movie) and it was totally not how I remembered it (I understand that this has nothing to do with anything). In the movie, Leonard does say that memories are not facts and you believe what you want and I guess I remembered what I wanted to about that movie (which was the black and white sequences where everything was on rewind (I seriously thought that was the whole movie, obviously not). Anyway, I am super empty minded right now so here’s the third picture.

I promise to be more lively next time.

Update: I feel very much better now and I just realized, you know in those university/college brochures where they try to allure you to the school with fun, lively, spirited pictures of the students on campus..let me tell you, its fake. They should actually look like those pictures above. However, I am now more optimistic in my studies and this will probably (HOPEFULLY) be my last post about the negatives of academia, laters!


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