Snow Day

While there is absolutely no more snow on the ground (as it has all melted from the rain), I will forever remember that one glorious Vancouver day when snow covered our grounds. In memory of that, here are six pictures that showcase iconic Vancouver Snow Day scenes:

First up is of course the cursed clearing of ones driveway. How do you even know when to stop, do you make sure to make a clear line between yours and your neighbour’s sidewalk so as not to, you know, work more than you need, or do you just help them clear it anyway, cuz might as well while you’re at it right? But then does that mean you have to clear the sidewalk two houses down or the entire block? See I’ve never had to clear anything nor cut grass, this is all new to me.

Next, you obviously have to make the arduous trek up that hill 50 times just to experience 50 two-seconds worth of exhilaration on your sled. And while you’re at it, why not bring your dog out so your pet can have a field day creating art on the blank canvas.

Finally, because I just feel like we’ll never get snow ever again this winter, I decided to prepare myself for next Christmas when I have to make Christmas cards to send. Nothing is better than some kitschy Christmas cards for your loved ones you know.

Anyway, I am very excited to say that I am now the owner of a Pouva Start (given as a Christmas present from Jan) so once I get myself some 120s, I will shoot away. Can’t wait!


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