Close up

I recently got a bunch of lens filters for my camera and yesterday I took them out for a spin. Conclusion? I LOVE them. I am so tempted to just upload a pile of pictures and write gagillions of run-on sentences to profess my love for them, but I’ll reign my desires in. Instead, here is one photo taken using my 25mm pancake lens with a close up +3 filter. This filter allows me to get really close to my subjects as if I had a macro lens (which costs an arm and a leg btw). This little guy is from the lawn of that windmill house I keep raving about. I met the woman who lives there, she’s very sweet and I’m very glad I met her. Anyway, those photos will come soon! I’m in the process of picking out some shots so that I can make a calendar for her as a thank you, maybe my next twelve posts will be about that (such a cheater I am…lalala). Enjoy!


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