This Bus has Style

I’m thinking about style today, specifically a photographer’s style both according to the photographer him/herself and the viewers. I look at my pictures and there is always a doubt in me, but I know we’re always our own worst critic. So, I’ll stop going that route for now and think about what defines my photographs. I’ve been browsing a lot lately, just sifting through other photographers’ work and I’m constantly awestruck at other people’s photographs, they all seem to be so beautiful. My favourite ones are always those with soft colours and a dream-like quality and I wonder, why don’t I take pictures like that? You’d think it’d be easy with digital editing these days but whenever I get behind the lens I’m naturally attracted to bright colours and vibrancy, my eyes just love contrast (sort of the opposite of soft). In the end, I look back at my photographs as a viewer and I’m never satisfied, kind of in a lose-lose situation here guys. Right now, I have concluded exactly what kind of photos I like to look at and I’ve also concluded what kind of photos I like to take but unfortunately for me they don’t coincide. I just read an article about finding your own style, tips include taking a lot of spontaneous pictures, experimenting with lighting, focus, depth of field, distance, etc, experimenting with subject matter (portraits, landscape, abstract, weather, etc), and looking at other’s work to get inspiration. It’s all great advice of course, but it’s harder than it looks! Only one thing for sure, it takes insurmountable time, actually, it’s probably impossible to ever be sure of yourself but I guess that’s the beauty of it. Can’t say writing this out has helped me any closer to an agreement but these are my thoughts right now and I’m just going to end it there. Laters!

ps. the hardest things in life are always the best


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