Closer inspection

Here are four pictures of some specific ornaments found on the lawn of the windmill house. Today, Jon finished the calendar for me and I’m really REALLY excited for it to get printed, I’ve never printed any of my pictures before but I’ve always loved being able to have something tangible with it comes to photography. Perhaps that’s why I love film. The lady that lives there is an absolute joy, when I met her she was wearing a zebra print faux fur sweater and pink pants, it was so amazing. She was taking her Christmas ornaments back in and we just chatted a bit, its so amazing sometimes how you end up meeting people in life, but I’m very thankful for it. Anyway, the pictures for each month will come around the end of each month, so February will have to wait. Till then, maybe my pouva pictures will have been developed and I could post about those, otherwise, guess I gotta start snapping some more pictures. Thanks for sticking through and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Closer inspection

  1. I really like the picture of the statue closeup! I’m going to try to find one in my town and try to take some pictures of one. I really like the texture and the color.

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