Baking my way to cooking

For my mom’s birthday every year I make a cake for her. It’s fairly easy to see that I bake quite a bit, but I actually really don’t like eating baked goods (well other than baguettes and croissants and chinese bbq pork buns but who’s really keeping track). I bake because its the next best thing before cooking and I do very much love cooking and eating things that can be cooked ahha. SO while I still haven’t gotten close to liking what I cook, at least I sometimes like what I bake. Anyway, this cake I make every year is a cake you would find at a typical chinese bakery. It is very similar to the Korean Cream Cake. Lots of steps to follow and very easy to over bake and over mix the batter. I’m also very bad at frosting the cake with home made whipped cream but its the thought that counts right? Haha. A simple google search would find you the recipe, I was going to put it up but realized its 3 pages long and I’ve lost the website from which I printed it from. Apologies. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy.


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