Sundays are Up in the Air

The question over at postaday 2011 blog is “What is your ideal Sunday” and I think the only way I can answer that is Sunday is my ideal Sunday. I say this because its the most random day of my week, I never really know what is going to happen. The only constant for my Sunday is church which is always amazing and is probably why I will tell you guys that Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Plus its always sunny on Sunday.

I just totally forgot everything I was going to write for this post because it is past 12:00am which means I technically missed another day of postaday2011, gahhh..this has distressed me and now I am having a major brain fart so I’ll just stop here haha. Laters.

Oh yeah now I remember why after seeing the picture I was gonna put up for this post. There is something very relaxing about the unknown, especially when the day starts out so well (and Sundays always start well because theres church), its like nothing can really go wrong. Dangit…I lost my train of thought…again.

Dododo, i used Sunday 7 times in the post.


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