Playing with colour

Yeah I know I didnt do a post yesterday, but two will be up today to make up for it, i am determined to reach the goal and i WILL have 30 (I think I started Jan 2nd) posts for January! Anyway, I love (LOVE) the cemetery, I find a lot of solace and peace there and I think its a beautiful place to walk around. So here is one picture that I took there. I was playing with the saturation and you know the cemetery is a somber place to some so I thought the black and white is appropriate, very cemetery cliche. I personally like the crazy saturated one because I think it matches the atmosphere (through my eyes) of the cemetery, I find that its a place with so much vivacity. It’s full of stories, history, lives that have been lived and just so much love written on all the stones, its quite spectacular. The original picture is the big one, I still like that one more than the black and white, but that’s my bias. Which one do you prefer?


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