Today at church, our sermon was about revival via a series on Nehemiah. It got me thinking, do I put God’s word as my focal point in life? I can’t say that I am 100% and that is something I should consciously work on. During reflection time I came up with 4 things: 1. to start doing devotions (something I’ve never done before), 2. to start writing down God’s words anytime He speaks to me, whether its when I’m reading something or during prayers. I have to be better at listening to what God is telling me, I’m not very good at that. That way, I can’t just forget it and make excuses for myself when I know deep down it is something that I should do. 3. to find someone that can keep me accountable for my mistakes, I think its easy to let things go when no one is there to testify against or for your actions and I need someone like that. Lastly, 4. to joyfully obey and that means to also be a witness to others, that in times they are struggling to do what they are called to do, that I encourage them to keep going, that I positively move people forward. I am not doing this because I have to, I honestly think though that if I did, I would be 100 times happier than I am now, which is quite amazing If you ask me. I’d probably slack, I already kind of am because I was so ready to just go forth and do all 4 of those things right away, but I held it off (see not a very good listener) even though I know its not alright. This post will be my public testimony to what I know God is asking me to do, therefore, this phlog and all you readers can hold me accountable for my actions. Done and done, I am super optimistic about this endeavour!


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