CNY Overhaul 1 – Plants

‘Tis the week of Chinese New Years and I’m overhauling my blog to await for the glorious day (Feb 3). I’ve decided to share my knowledge of the holiday by doing a series of post for the next little while (probably 5).

Today, we talk about plants.

New plants for the house are a must during Chinese New Year, it signifies life and growth and I would never find my house empty of them. Just two days ago, my mom brought home a bunch of plants, all of which are associated with the coming new year of course. First is the cyclamen flower. Nothing really to do with Chinese New Year but its red and that’s why it is in my living room. She also brought home a plant called buddhist pine which is known as a feng shui tree (Hong Kong is having a problem with them because people keep illegally uprooting the plants in the wild for their homes). Then of course, we have the staple of all things Chinese New Year: bamboo, which is a symbol in China for longevity (since the plant’s life is very long). Three others that are always showing up in my household during this time is the pussywillow, blue hyacinth and peach blossoms. We would be lucky if these plants survive to spring but with the history of our past new years, I’m just gonna take pictures of them as a memory. The bamboo, however, will probably stay with us for awhile (with all of our other bamboo plants…) Anyway, go get some plants or flowers for your home, it’ll bring good fortune and happiness =)


4 thoughts on “CNY Overhaul 1 – Plants

  1. oOo i cant wait to learn more! i only know a little bit from parents! but i know theres so much more to learn about chinese newyears. i learnt a few cultures and traditions from my chinese lion dance troupe too! but the learning never ends! looking forward to more posts!

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