CNY Overhaul 2 – Colour

Why is the colour red so prevalent in Chinese culture, specifically during Chinese New Year? Well, obviously I am not exactly sure why, I know that red is a symbol of good fortune and joy but I am not sure where that originated from. I did some google searching and I found that there are five standard colours in Chinese culture, each represented by one of the five elements (water, fire, wood, metal and earth). This all stems from Chinese metaphysics and those that are interested in that and the art of feng shui should swing by this website for more details. Back to the colour, red is used during Chinese New Year (and also weddings) because it symbolizes good fortune and joy in the coming year, that is why elders/married couples give RED pocket money, and the greetings you may see taped to the wall are also in red. If you have the insurmountable luck to be in Asia during this time, you will be overwhelmed by the throw up of red in every city. Considering Chinese New Year is not just a one-day celebration (its 15 days), it’s safe to say that those who are not used to it may decide to become selectively colourblind after the festivities.

Today, Feb 2nd, is the day before Chinese New Year and it is a custom that every family celebrates Chú Xī (除夕) or “Eve of the Passing Year” with a family dinner. This dinner is comparable to the West’s Christmas dinner and will occur in my household tonight. Totally looking forward to that and I wish you all a wonderful dinner tonight too whether you are celebrating or not!


3 thoughts on “CNY Overhaul 2 – Colour

  1. woot! another post! awesome stuff 🙂 i loove the colour red too!! and yes! we are having a family dinner tonight too 😀 sorta! may post about it later today 😉

  2. I never knew the majority of these things. I think it is incredably interesting. Thank you for sharing!! The photos are spectacular, as usaul. I only wish that I could capture emotions the way you seem to be able to, especialy in relation to a specific event or phenomina.

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