CNY Overhaul 4 – Food

Today we had another family dinner because my mom told me it was for “entering into the New Year” (i’m just translating this from Chinese). Just to start the new year with togetherness and family. Anyway, I asked my mom what all the fruits meant and why she bought them and this is what I got. Dragon fruit – because dragons are representative of Chinese culture and also dragon fruit in Chinese is fire dragon fruit and fire is a symbol of vivacity and life
Pineapple – abundance
Tangerines – symbol of luck
Pomelos – prosperity and abundance

Also, during this time when you go into an Asian family’s house, you will see a tray of dried goods and this is to serve the guests who are visiting. This is called the tray of togetherness. It’ll have seeds, dried coconut chips, candy, candied melons, water chestnuts, etc with a total of 8 different things as that number is lucky in Chinese culture. As for dinner you will most definitely find chicken, fish (cooked whole), duck, and lettuce as those are all customary. You will also most likely find a glutinous rice cake called “nian gao” made of sticky rice, chestnuts, lotus leaves, sugar and chinese dates. If you’re curious, just go into a Chinese bakery store and you’ll find tons of stuff. My favourite is the sesame ball (in that package in the photo), they’re so good especially when they’re nice and soft.

Anyway, that’s about it for food, I wish all of you a wonderful New Year, may it be very blessed and full of happiness and peace.

Oh yeah! I’m going to participate in the photoaweek challenge that wordpress has just started, this week’s word is Boundaries. If you’re interested you should join it =) I’ll be posting for that tomorrow as Sunday is the day I take some Chinese New Year pictures. Till then, enjoy !


2 thoughts on “CNY Overhaul 4 – Food

  1. gao !! lol haha mmm foood!! so nummy great post 😀 all the stuff we do here at my home too! so awesome except those exotic fruits like dragon fruit haha those arnt very fresh/nice here xD they dooo need a really long trip to make it to canada haha but sometimes they got really nice ones 🙂 ill be looking forward to your photoaweek!

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