Chinese Lunar New Year Parade

The Chinatown parade for the Lunar New Year has been going on for quite some time. Uncharacteristically of me, this year was the first time I have ever gone. I think I blame it on this blog, it makes me do things, it sort of drives me. Blogging: its a dangerous thing. =)

Anyway, here are a series of pictures from that day:

Picture taken by Angie

The parade was quite packed and after, everyone rushed into International Village for the celebration. There were performances and good eats and other fun chinese new year market stuff to buy. I did not stick around, instead I went to the third floor and sat in on 4 different movies at the theatre. L’illusionist and Blue Valentine are must sees so anyone who hasn’t seen them yet, do it! I watched about 20 minutes of both What Women Want (the Chinese remake that is with Andy Lau and Gong Li) and Barney’s Version (looks really promising, should try to watch that too). Yeah I basically went there just to take pictures but the parade was pretty cool and i’ll definitely go again next year. Anyway, here are two more inside International Village, enjoy and Happy Chinese New Year once again!


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