While Louids is gone II – Fat pigeons

It’s really weird writing posts in advance because I could be writing about things that haven’t happened yet OR I could be writing about something that has zero relevance by the time this post is public. Anyway, here are some more bird pictures because I “loooooooove” them so much…(sarcasm you hear?). The telephone wire picture has a story behind it though. A week before as I was waiting for the bus after work, the sun was setting creating a pink hue in the sky and there were birds just chilling out on a telephone wire and in that moment, I could not kick myself enough for not having my camera. I did snap a photo with my crap camera phone though. Anyway, the current picture is a sort of make-up for that moment. However, I do thank my camera for allowing me to just enjoy the scene without the pressure of trying to capture that one moment in time. THANKS.


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