One Week in Guangzhou – One day to see lanterns

Hung at the entrance of Liu Hua Park

At the entrance of Liu Hua Park

Those sheep are the mascots for the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou (past november 2010)

Peach blossoms are almost as cool as cherry blossoms!

Red Envelops are always hung on peach blossoms in China, I never checked to see if they had money though, but I'm quite sure they do otherwise its bad luck!

Its tradition that during the last night of New Years celebration (Yung Xiao Festival or Lantern Festival) that children go to the park with lanterns and solve riddles that are placed around the park. All parks in China are fully decked out with peach blossoms, lanterns, gold wrapping, decorations and clementine trees. I was very happy to see the decorations all around the city, it was super festive, every store front had a clementine tree and peach blossoms were planted everywhere, all hung with red envelops, it was quite a site. Anyway, this concludes my pictures from my one week trip back to Guangzhou, hope you enjoyed, chowder.


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