A clarification on the dethronement

Salutations! As some may have noticed, the title “Phlog” is no more. In its replacement is what I think to be a more appropriate blog name. Since Louisa is being a sloth and not taking me out as much anymore, I’ve been idling in my cozy National Geographics bag and let me tell you, it’s as boring as the auto function. Those few weeks in the proverbial dog house has got me thinking that I should just take over the blog so voilà! Here I am.

Welcome to my blog “He and Me”. He is lazy as a cucumber and me? I’m just a Canon 7D.

It’s been raining a lot lately (at least that’s the excuse He gave me) and my poor APS-C sensor has been sitting here collecting dust (only figuratively because I’m quite rugged if I do say so myself), so you cannot imagine the ecstasy I felt when I was finally switched on two Fridays ago. He’s always saying how much she looooves to take photos of cherry blossoms when they bloom but obviously He’s lying through her teeth because I believe that cherry blossoms are in full bloom now unlike 2 Fridays ago. Nonetheless, I guess I appreciate being used for some photos even though He is totally losing touch with how to handle me. This is the only photo that can sort of make my hardware whirr so enjoy it because the next time He takes cherry blossom photos with me, it’s going to blow your mind because I’m a mother freakin’ 7D.

ISO200, f/11, 1/100


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