Cherry blossoms and passport photos

Alright 7D here and though it is against my nature, I have to applaud Louisa He for the idea of this series. As much as I think that a great photograph is all because of my hardware and glass, photography with this attitude can only produce highly technical photos but zero meaning and creativity. So while it gags me to say this but say it I will: this post would not have happened if not for the meager Louisa He. Below is a series of portraits of cherry blossom trees reminiscent of the passport photo style that He is so fond of taking at her job because it’s the only form of commission she gets. Louisa He is a total grasshopper at work because she knows next to nothing about camera hardware. Really, the woman puts me to shame with her knowledge. Last week she couldn’t even tell a customer what the ‘is’ in Canon s95is meant and she owns me – Mr. Canon 7D. It’s disgraceful. Seriously. BTW, the ‘is’ means image stabilizer. Nonetheless, these photos kind of have a mug shot feel to them but perhaps less negative. I think I captured the lighting quite well. Though I have to admit that sometimes when He forgets the sun is directly in front of her, I take some pretty bad photos. It’s really her fault though for forgetting her positioning. Anyway, I can see these photos in a passport if plants had a passport and if plants could talk they might say: “gross I look like a criminal because I can’t smile in passport pictures” (that’s what all the customers tell Louisa He). Personally? if I were in a passport photo I would look an absolute G because I’m a 7D. I digress.

Hope you’re all enjoying the spring weather because I sure as heck am since it means I can actually see light now (my other favourite thing if you haven’t read on the Contact page yet). Louisa He tried to categorize the trees and be all smartass about the types of cherry blossoms but really she has no clue. Though I would never give her the caption space to do it because the most important thing is to know the settings in which the photo was taken in, not what it is taking a photo of. Outs.

ps. obviously those last two are not cherry blossoms but sweet plants they are still. Also, try to forgive (actually don’t even) Louisa He if she wrongly (probably did) categorized the trees cuz she’s no arborist yo!


3 thoughts on “Cherry blossoms and passport photos

  1. Third Eye talk! That’s the way to be~

    However, I shall agree, they do look sad for cherry trees of Spring, terrible that I may convulsively puke due to my eyes bleeding.


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