Happy Belated 125 Vancouver!

Its been awhile guys but here I am again, maybe you’ve enjoyed my silence or maybe you’ve missed it but whether its the former or latter, I’m back…for now. Some of you have been wondering why I’m so abrasive with Louisa He and I’ll tell you why. I’m a camera, I’m a Canon 7D and He knows nothing about me, what I’m made of, what I can actually do or what my limitations are basically she knows zilch about my hardware and I care DEEPLY about my hardware. What machine wouldn’t? So that is why I have no sympathy towards Louisa He. Anyway, below are some photos from the 125th Anniversary Celebration down at Jack Poole Plaza (where the Olympic torch is) and freaking crap were there a gazillion camera buddies down there I almost (keyword) felt inferior, what with every Canon having their complementary L lens and stuff but….I had fun taking photos of people, He doesn’t really give me a chance to do that so enjoy cuz I did. Switch off.

ps. seriously, the stupid images keep getting uploaded unrotated even though I saved as and when I switch it in my media file it doesnt work!!! Gahhhh frustration.


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