Canon 7D doesn’t usually like to say much but ever since Louisa He shut both of them away from the photography and blogging world for a good 3 weeks, Canon 7D has adopted a new perspective in life. From now on he’ll say what he wants and what he wants to say is that he wants a new buddy because Sigma 70mm-300mm, while very faithfully captures things that are far away, is too heavy for weak Louisa He and since Canon 7D wants to frequent the outdoors more, he proposes that a prime be added to his circle.

Canon 7D loves bright colours, symmetry, lively subjects and light.


Louisa He changes her goals and desires way too much even for the internet so here is something constant: without God, an excellent friend, and extraordinary eyesight (so she can actually (sometimes) focus her images and (always) see the light meter), she would not have this blog too cramped with photos (of anything and everything but hopefully mostly of places other than Vancouver (I love Vancouver btw).

Louisa He and Angie Nguyen work under the name of Scopophiliacs and Stringbeans and Tangerines in Vancouver, BC.

While Louisa prefers letters and postcards, she can settle for (sincerely appreciates) the occasional email:

or comment below.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Hi there!

    I noticed your blog on the “blogging buddy” comments, and I think it’s really cool!

    Anyway, I wondered if you’d like to team-up with me.

    I’m also not too gifted at taking pictures, so maybe we could have a system in which you can illustrate some of the posts on my blog (credits given to you of course)… don’t know how we would figure that out, just putting it out there!

    Good luck on the postaday challenge!

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