Log Entry # 7

Now that I’m officially back in school mode and semi-loving it, I can’t wait till it finishes so I can finally take some ballet and yoga classes. Oh, and plant a bunny garden.

Goal: Sign up for ballet and yoga classes and start planning a bunny garden right when school ends


Log Entry # 6

So school is totally weighing me down in a way that has never before and it’s killing me inside, im thinking of going on a fast this sunday just to clear my head so i can understand why i am feeling this way when i’ve never ever before. I need your help God.

Goal: Get through school without becoming depressed


Log Entry # 5

Goal: Post everyday for 2011 (I obviously did not reach this one)
Log Entry # 4

I just applied to volunteer for London Olympics and also handed in a CV/Cover Letter for a paid position. What will I get in return….dododododo…perhaps a youth mobility visa?

Goal: Go to London in 2012.
Log Entry # 3

Today I went to Liu Hua Hu Park for a run and to try out the amazing exercise playground. I have to go back and take pictures and perhaps suggests to park and recreations to construct one when I get back to Vancouver. I remember my recreation professor telling me he’s always wanted to construct one but was unsure of how so that people cannot break or steal equipment. This park has the answer. It has parallel bars, bench presses, ellipticals, bikes, just everything a gym would have but in the form of a colourful and outdoor playground (for adults). It made me sweat buckets, but I may have to blame that on the hot weather today. Anyway, I just wanted to say:

Goal: be able to do pull ups before I come back to Vancouver (A totes fail)
Log Entry # 2

Angie and I have made it our duty to try and attend as many festivals as possible this summer. So far, my favourite ones have been New Jersey’s Seafood festival and Vancouver’s Folk Festival. In probably chronological order, here are all the festivals we have under our belt. Perhaps some photos may appear some time in the future.

Greek Festival in New Jersey
Seafood Festival in New Jersey
Luminato Arts and Culture Festival in Toronto
Fringe Festival in Ottawa
Jazz Festival in Montreal
Greek Festival in Vancouver
Folk Festival in Vancouver
Jazz Festival in Vancouver
Caribbean Day Festival in Vancouver
Annual Gypsy Sale in Vancouver
Mile Long Jam in Vancouver
Powell Street Festival in Vancouver
Indian Festival in Vancouver
Latin Festival in Vancouver
Chinese Festival in Vancouver
Justice Rocks! Festival in Vancouver

Others that I missed:
Pride Parade in Vancouver
French Film Festival in Vancouver

and those to come:
VanDusen Zimsculpt in Vancouver
Ethiopian Festival in Vancouver
Fringe Festival in Vancouver
Taiwanese Festival in Vancouver
Vancouver Film Festival in Vancouver

any suggestions or festivals that you have been to and loved?/hated?
Log Entry #1

Goal: Read 5 books before 24 August.


2 thoughts on “Log

  1. ^_^ love your blog! and… theme. I may steal it as I want a top banner space πŸ˜›

    By the way, you’re missing the hockey festival, depending on whether the Canucks will win or lose each season/playoffs. πŸ˜›
    AND the Celtic Festival (Irish Day, not the Boston Celtics)
    AND the annual Fireworks Festival (if that’s annual anymore)
    AND the BC Wine Festival (I think that’s in the Okanagan, if not, start it! :P)
    AND winning the Gold Medal of Olympic Hockey Festival (Quadrannual Event)
    AND … (to be continued in a whirlwind…)
    AND the Comicons…?
    Endless festivals to bring people around of course.

    Greek one and Caribbean one is great, but the best one is the Film Fest.

    (I’d properly login but WP-Login says NOT AVAILABLE. *weeps while biting corn*)

    • DARWIN! I did miss many festivals but its starting up again this year and ive been to..
      italian day festival`
      dragon boat festival
      love vancouver festival
      EPIC! Expo
      Game 7 Hockey haha
      MoreSports Soccer Jam
      and coming friday were going to Piknic Electronik!!!!!!

      miss you boo

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